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At The Red Studio we print banners on a multitude of substrates. Of course the most common is vinyl banners but we also have the ability to print banners on paper and fabric. As one of Klang Valley's premier large format printers, our equipment is capable of printing banners up to 98” wide by as long as 150 feet.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banner are used by a lot of different types of companies to get their message out. No matter what your message is, The Red Studio can print brilliant, eye catching banners and we do it fast!

Sidewalk Sale Banners

Grand Opening Banners

Going Out of Business Sale Banners

Product Promotion Banners

Store “Special” Banners

Holiday Sale Banners

Under New Management Banners

Inventory Reduction Sale Banners

Coming Soon Banners

For Sale or Rent Banners

Welcome Banners

Trade Show Banners

Personalized Banners

We also print “personalized banners” for all kinds of parties and events. A personalized banner is so much more, well, personal. We will really appreciate the extra effort you took to make them feel special.

Birthday Party Banners

Retirement Party Banners

Bridal Shower Banners  

Baby Shower Banners

Graduation Banners

Welcome Home Banners  

Family Reunion Banners

Get in touch with our specialists

Speak with one of our production specialists at 03.8925.6878 | 03.8925.8878 | 03.8925.7978 and see how we can make a positive Influence your next banner printing project.


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